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We combine the industry experience and expertise of property management and utility management to deliver outstanding performance for our clients.
Leslie Westfall » Director of Operations
Picture of Leslie Westfall
Leslie Westfall is FuseOn’s Director of Operations. She has 8+ years’ experience in the Energy Industry. Prior to joining FuseOn, Leslie played an integral part in daily process improvement measures, helping achieve enhanced performance as well as cost savings and avoidance for her clients. Leslie oversees operations at FuseOn with a passion for business growth and development. Leslie holds a Lean ETP Certification, a business philosophy that can improve results in any type of organization and combines principles from TQM, Six Sigma, Lean, and STS. She is passionate about bacon and loves taking afternoon naps after a good crochet sesh.
Jacob Poston » Director of Client Services
Picture of Jacob Poston
Jacob is FuseOn’s Director of Client Services. He has over 13 years’ experience in the Energy Industry and has developed trusting relationships with major utility providers across the nation. Prior to joining FuseOn, Jacob managed a team of 30+ and was involved in several business efficiency projects, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations. Jacob enjoys bowling, online video gaming and providing the office with movie quotes no one wants to hear.